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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jan 27, 2021


Having a responsible and respectful yoga practice involves having an understanding of the importance of the philosophy.  Dr. Shyam Ranganathan joins us to share his expertise and insight on philosophy, compassion, colonization, and more.  Shyam is a researcher, author, translator, scholar, and teacher...

Jan 20, 2021


What do you know about using essential oils safely and effectively? There are safety and ethical considerations that are important for yoga professionals to understand. Laurabeth Guthrie joins in to help us incorporate EO and plant-based therapy in our practices in the best way.  Laurabeth is a...

Jan 13, 2021


Using evidence informed practices is vital in furthering the field of yoga therapy. Steffany Moonaz, PhD, C-IAYT joins us to share how yoga can help those suffering from arthritis and other pain conditions.  I really love how she shares the latest research in such an understandable way. 

Steffany founded Yoga...

Jan 6, 2021


Yoga outreach for marginalized populations is important and challenging work that requires a strong constitution and a background in trauma informed yoga.  De Jur Jones, C-IAYT, has been a yoga devotee since 2001. She attended Loyola Marymount university's yoga therapy program and she teaches...