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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Feb 24, 2021


Have you been asked to record videos for a studio?  What was the discussion around compensation, time of use, and ownership of intellectual property?  In today’s episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast, I’m going solo sharing my insights as a former movie and commercial actress on why recording videos for a set...

Feb 17, 2021


Fear, shame, and limiting beliefs can show up in the root chakra, but the good news is there are practices to help you release that money shame and limiting beliefs for a more abundant mindset.  Alyssa Pfennig, C-IAYT, joins us today to share her insight and wisdom for releasing fear and shame through...

Feb 10, 2021

Summary: How does yoga fit in to the landscape of healthcare and what does the business of yoga look like since COVID 19? Matthew Taylor joins us to discuss these issues and more in this week's episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast:  The Business of Yoga Therapy in Healthcare with Matthew Taylor

Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD,...

Feb 3, 2021


We hear so much about how important it is to niche down, but it just isn’t that easy to do.  Shannon Crow joins us to give some tips and pointers for making that transition gracefully.  Shannon is a trainer and consultant who hosts The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast and Facebook group; offering support to...