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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Aug 26, 2022

Humor is used in advertising successfully to get people’s attention, but in yoga we sometimes feel the need to keep it serious. But at what cost?  


If you are a humorous person in real life but feel like you can’t bring that into your yoga class are you really being authentic?


Colin Hall joins us on this episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast to help us find the balance between the seriousness and respect for the practice of yoga and our natural desire to laugh and bring joy.


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Colin describes himself as a punk who ended up teaching yoga somehow. He teaches at Kinesiology and Sociology at the University of Regina and he owns Bodhi Tree Yoga in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada



-Colin’s unusual path to yoga

-What an hour in a yoga class with Colin is like

-Colin talks about recycling jokes in yoga class

-Why humor keeps people in the present moment

-Why the pandemic is hard on yoga teachers with a sense of humor

-How  trying to be serious if you are a humorous person isn’t yogic

-Getting past the idea that you have to be serious to be knowledgable

-Colin discusses how he doesn’t take himself seriously even though he takes yoga seriously

-Navigating yoga teaching without fear of being criticized for appropriating

-How to handle criticism from people online

-Using funny memes to spark conversation

-Why a difference of opinion doesn’t necessarily mean an attack on you personally

-What can happen if you stop editing out the funny things that come to mind while you are teaching

-How to speak in your yoga classes like you do in real life and why you should do that

-Colin discusses use of language in yoga classes and whether or not Sanskrit is important

-Why people learn more effectively when you use humor for teaching



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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.