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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Nov 11, 2020


Wow, this interview with Shelly Prosko covers the gamut of Compassion, Pelvic Health and Pain care.  It almost felt like a yoga therapy session for a bit, and she shared so much great information. Shelly Prosko, PT, C-IAYT, CPI, is a Canadian physiotherapist, yoga therapist, author, speaker and educator dedicated to empowering individuals to create and sustain meaningful lives by teaching and advocating for the integration of yoga into modern healthcare. She is a respected pioneer of PhysioYoga, a combination of physiotherapy and yoga.


  • Shelly talks about myths and misconceptions around compassion and self-care [1:45]
  • Peace and equanimity [4:21]

“What the research shows is actually, when you come from a place of self-compassion, you're you actually are more likely to not only change your behavior to more positive changes, but you're more likely to sustain them over prolonged periods of time. And we think it's because it's coming from a place of genuine love. It's rooted in love for yourself.”

  • Guilt and self-care [8:50]
  • Shelly shares her personal struggle with feeling guilt [14:05]
  • Yoga and accessibility [17:21]
  • The different paths of yoga [19:05]
  • Anatomy and the pelvic floor [21:40]
  • Emotions and the pelvic floor [26:07]
  • Men and pelvic health considerations [29:33]
  • Shelly shares an example of a plan of care [31:02]
  • Creating a safe space [37:28]

"If someone has an over recruited pelvic floor-first and foremost, create that therapeutic alliance, that trust.  Create an environment where they feel safe, heard, seen, loved, that will affect the pelvic floor immensely.”

  • Trauma and the pelvic floor [39:21]
  • Changing your relationship with pain [41:23]

“We tend to think that the amount of tissue damage that we have, so how bad the problem is, and where it is no, that is directly correlated with pain. And it's not and this is science, we know this, it's not linear.”

  • Changing neural pathways [51:33]
  • Catastrophizing pain [53:41

Interact with Shelly:​ 

Interact with Pamela:​ 

Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.