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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Dec 23, 2020

Title: Developing a Home Yoga Practice


Developing a home yoga practice can be so hard. 

How do you know what to do? 

How can you make it consistent? 

Fletcher Johnson, MS, C-IAYT joins us to share some great information on finding your perfect practice.  Fletcher is a C-IAYT and has a Master of Science degree in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  In addition to that, she's taken several thousands of hours of continuing education including receiving her Reiki master certification in 2014.  Fletcher owns River Warrior Yoga, where she offers online classes, yoga therapy sessions, and Reiki.


[2:21] Fletcher’s home yoga practice

[4:51] Layering habits

[5:42] Why you should have a home practice

[6:55] Hacks in case you don’t have props

[9:32] Creating a space for your practice

“One of the best props is the bed in your bedrooms. Especially if you are unable to get on the floor, it doesn't mean that you can't have a floor practice because in the bed, the floor is brought right to you.”

[12:59] Ideas for taking your practice to the office

[14:30] How to incorporate yoga so that you “live” it rather than “do” it

[17:39] How yoga therapists help you develop your own practice

[20:09] Difference between yoga therapy and a yoga class

“All yoga is good for you. Go to a group class and you're receiving this blanket wonderful effect. You're probably going to leave better than when you came in.  But when you go into yoga therapy class, it's really, really, really just for you”

[21:44] Fletcher talks about staying motivated to do her practice

[23:21] Why teaching yoga isn’t a personal practice

[26:08] How to get started with a home practice

[30:29] Goal setting for your yoga practice

“Figuring out what's the catalyst between why I'm not doing it and why I will do it is huge.”

[35:33] How Fletcher uses mudras

[37:53] How visualization and meditations fit in a practice

[41:00] The yamas and niyamas as tools

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