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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

Making a pivot in your yoga business can be a scary endeavor, but Franciska Bray-Mezey did just that. She shares tips, as well as her challenges and triumphs of starting an eco-friendly yoga business today on The Yoga Pro Podcast. 

Franciska is the founder and creative director of Aura7 Activewear. She is also a yoga teacher and practitioner who saw a need for more eco-friendly yoga clothing and started a new business right in the middle of a pandemic. 


-Franciska’s yoga journey

-Her process for building a brand

-Challenges that she faced

-How she felt the first time she saw people in her products

-What inspired her to name her business Aura-7

-Why you should start promoting your business as soon as possible

-How her yoga practice informed how she designed her products

-Franciska chats about what makes her fabrics eco-friendly and how she sources them

-How you can make your business more eco-friendly

-Where she is in her yoga teaching business right now

-Embracing new chapters

-How she uses yoga to keep a healthy work/life balance

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Clubhouse and Greenroom:  @pamelacrane


Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.