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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Sep 28, 2022

Paying for advertising to get people to know about your business is expensive and out of reach for most yoga professionals, but there is another way to get the word out besides paying for ads or social media.


Free media and publicity!


In this episode, your host Pamela Crane shares her years of experience as a journalist and podcast host to help you know all the secrets to getting free media and guest spots on podcasts.


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Pamela Crane is a C-IAYT and E-RYT 500 with a Master of Science degree in Yoga Therapy.  She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs overcome fears and imposter syndrome to create online content; and provides evidence-based continuing education and mentoring for yoga professionals.  She is a former broadcast journalist and film and commercial actress who hosts The Yoga Pro Podcast; and has presented nationally and internationally at symposia and conferences for yoga and integrative medicine.



Local Newspaper and TV news

-Start local.  You likely won’t get the Today show on your first try.  

-Follow reporters on social media and like/comment on their stories

-Plan ahead.  Deadlines are sooner than you realize

-Find email address for health and lifestyle reporters

-Make your pitch relevant to their viewers and not about you

-Have your ducks in a row so you are ready when it airs-social media, websites, 

-Learn how to be on camera, where to look, how to speak in soundbites

-Learn how to write a press release or get someone to write one for you.  (This is something I can help you with).

-Pick one or two outlets to target.  Reporters want exclusive content.



-Actually listen to the podcast so you get the vibe

-Make your pitch different.  Check out the episode titles and see how you can be unique and fit in.  

-Send a headshot and all of your links with the pitch.  We want to get to know you, but also it’s tiring having to go searching social media for a picture and links.  Many podcasters are one person teams, so make it easy on them to want to have you as a guest.

-Get a good mic.  

-Have good lighting

-Make arrangements for your children and pets.  Some podcasters don’t edit.


Writing for Other Sites and Publications

-HARO and QWOTED are good sites to find stories that reporters are working on to pitch.  That reporter working for a small website today may be writing for a big publication next week.  

-Google your favorite publications’ Editorial Calendar.  That is where you can see what they are working on and what you might want to pitch.  Most work at least 2 months or more in advance.



-Know the audience of the outlet and make sure you fit in.

-Again, make it easy on the reporter or podcaster.  You want to be their go-to source that they call again and again

-Be gracious.  Don’t spend the whole time talking about your book or product.  You want to provide value to the audience.  Most podcasters will give you the chance at the end to tell people how to find you (and if your content was great they will!), and articles will usually link to your website or social media

-Tailor your pitches to the reporter or podcaster.  We can smell a form letter a mile away. 

-Send a sample of your product or copy of your book.  It lets them get to know what you have and they can speak more intelligently about it if they have tried or read it.

-Share it!!!  You want them to cover you but it’s important to share the article or podcast with your audience as well.  It’s a win win because it establishes credibility for you and brings more people to the outlet.

-Be yourself! Nobody is like you and you shouldn’t try to be like anyone else.  

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