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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jun 16, 2021

Raise your hand if you went into teaching yoga with the desire to help people, but find yourself needing help getting the word out about what you do.

In this episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast, Kim Castro helps us learn how to strengthen our online presence.  Kim is a social media manager who parlayed her experience as an Associate Producer for videos and TV commercials into her own social media company “Girls Got Goals PH”


-The importance of an online presence

-Kim’s favorite platforms for yoga and wellness professionals

-Tricks for jumpstarting a Facebook group

-Tips for finding a good virtual assistant

-How to organize your workflow

-Follower counts vs content

-Ways you can boost your engagement

-Generating content that inspires

-Getting comfortable putting your face out there

-Batching and repurposing to save time and energy

-Why you shouldn’t underestimate the quiet lurkers in your social media

-Copywriting and SEO tips

-Honing your voice for branding

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Clubhouse:  @pamelacrane

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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.