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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Apr 6, 2022

Many people suffer from excess tension in their body which can cause physical and emotional problems. 

In this episode, Dan Sykes joins us to share how somatic work is beneficial in training your nervous system.

Dan is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, bodyworker, and founder of the Somatic Training Network. Dan has studied somatic arts with instructors all over the world. He wrote the newly released book Somatic Fanatic.


-How Dan came up with his book title “Somatic Fanatic”

-Dan’s yoga journey

-Why we need variation in our somatic work

-Interoception through various disciplines

-Dan describes sensory motor amnesia

-The neuroscience behind somatic and slow motion movement

-Why training in touch is essential

-How inefficient movement can cause muscle imbalances

-Why it’s important to consistently practice feeling sensations

-Emotions and how they show up in somatic work

-Why tension in the body numbs you to the ability to feel

-How to use your eyes and body articulation to find somatic nervous system regulation

-The benefits of keeping movement playful and curious

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