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The Yoga Pro Podcast

May 11, 2022

We all know the importance of mindfulness in our lives, but are you aware of the power of meditative writing?

Carole Fontaine felt her life change when she used meditative writing to help her heal from physical illness.  In this episode, she shares her journey to health through using the power of meditative writing, and how incorporating it can help you change your life and that of your students.

Carole is a certified Life Coach specializing in Mindfulness and Empowerment, Meditative Writing, Shakti Dance® Yoga, and she is a Reiki Master Teacher. She owns a thriving graphic design business and is a contributor in the bestselling anthology “Meditation” recently published by acclaimed spiritual leader, radio and TV personality, Sister Dr. Jenna; and is a contributing author in “Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives.”


-Carole’s path to yoga

-Why it’s important to keep writing even when you don’t feel like you have anything to write about

-How the act of physically writing makes a difference

-The cleansing quality and connecting with the divine through writing

-Using movement in the writing session to open up

-Incorporating writing into your yoga classes and sessions

-The best time of the day for meditative writing

-Removing judgement of the content of your writing

-How she was motivated to write a best selling book in her second language

-Discerning what fills you and what depletes you energetically

-How writing helped her heal physical illness and challenges

-Why writing brings out more than just thinking alone does

-Opening the throat chakra through writing, mantra, and affirmations

-How her writing session downloads ended up in her book


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