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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jan 20, 2021


What do you know about using essential oils safely and effectively? There are safety and ethical considerations that are important for yoga professionals to understand. Laurabeth Guthrie joins in to help us incorporate EO and plant-based therapy in our practices in the best way.  Laurabeth is a board-certified wellness practitioner with a BS in complementary medicine and a MS in public health and functional nutrition. She's a Vinyasa yoga instructor with a focus on accessibility and mindfulness and she's training as an Ayurvedic practitioner and a PhD candidate in natural medicine. She currently works with the university of Alabama at Birmingham Integrative clinic to produce research.



[2:02]   Larabeth’s wellness journey

[6:42]   Respecting Eastern traditions

[8:14]   Larabeth defines aromatherapy and plant based medicine

[10:04] Ways you can use essential oils

[11:44] Safety considerations of ingesting oils

“There are so many situations where we may not realize that we are causing damage to our body until it's too late. And this could be one of them.”

[15:58] Ethical considerations

[17:18] What you should know about diffusing oils effectively

[19:01] Contra-indications for using oils-who should avoid them

[20:22] Diffusing around pets

[23:51] Listening to your body and how the oils affect you

“If you're diffusing orange right before bedtime, and then you find that you're having trouble sleeping, maybe swap to something that's a little more calming.”

[26:31] Using aromatherapy in your yoga classes appropriately

[31:13] Blending oils

[32:26] Accessibility considerations for essential oils in yoga classes

[35:41] Why where you buy your oils matters…are MLMs ok?

“The more familiar you become with the higher quality brands, the more quickly you'll be able to pick up and say, Hmm, this is cut with something that's not quality.”

[40:42] To go organic or not

[41:37] Ethical education and scope of practice for using essential oils

[46:53] The importance of doing the research

[48:24] What is in Larabeth’s diffuser?  She talks about her favorite oils

[49:27] Intention and exploration

[50:43] Working with Larabeth


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