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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Feb 3, 2021


We hear so much about how important it is to niche down, but it just isn’t that easy to do.  Shannon Crow joins us to give some tips and pointers for making that transition gracefully.  Shannon is a trainer and consultant who hosts The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast and Facebook group; offering support to yoga teachers around the globe. She specializes in teaching 1:1 Yoga for Pelvic Health. She has worked as a yoga studio manager, YTT director, yoga school founder, Thai yoga massage therapist and all while raising three children. Shannon is the founder of Pelvic Health Professionals online membership and leads a 20-hour Yoga for Pelvic Health training both online and in person.



[2:36] Shannon’s messy niching story

“Every single year in my business, something falls off the list. Like something purposely goes off the list. It's like, what can I take away now? And I've realized that when I do that, I feel so much more focused.”

[6:12] How her niching journey continues

[10:26] Shannon shares advice on how to gently niche

[11:58] Her idea “parking lot” and idea accountability

[14:19] Releasing attachment to your ideas

[16:08] Why niching increases business

[18:51] The importance of hobbies and doing things you love

“Have hobbies, get hobbies and just keep them as hobbies. You know, if you play the piano, that doesn't mean that you need to become like a famous pianist and play concerts.”

[20:17] How some hobbies can be turned into sources of income

[23:41] How burnout led to her niching

[26:37] Why staying in one lane is so much easier

[32:35] Pivoting and letting go

[34:57] An exercise to help you find your niche

“You can just slowly cut those things out or choose the focus. So often I say, like, if let's say you have six things that you love, if you just took a big picture look, and you said something has to go off the list of these six things, you could usually pick it out pretty quickly.”

[41:47] The beauty of delegating tasks

[43:42] How Shannon’s business changed when she niched to pelvic health

[45:53] Pelvic Health and Yoga

[51:48] Shannon’s approach to working with people on-on-one

[55:09] Letting the cycle of change guide your path to niching

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