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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jun 9, 2022

Resting is one of the most important acts of self care we can do, but for many of us it isn’t that easy.  Shame, capitalism, and societal pressure can cause us to fall into the trap of being busy or always saying yes to things that aren’t serving us.  

In this episode, Octavia Raheem shares beautiful insight into why we need to rest, how to reclaim your right to rest, why we need to collectively set boundaries around work, and so much more.

Octavia is the author of Gather and the newly released Pause, Rest, Be.  She is a mother, activist, and an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner. She founded Starshine & Clay, a retreat space for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color to rest and restore. She has received national attention for her work training yoga teachers and diversifying the yoga and wellness industry. Her work has been featured inYoga Journal, Mantra,Well + Good,CNN,WXIA,andAtlanta Magazine.



-Octavia’s yoga journey

-The beauty in a meandering path

-What inspired Octavia to become an author

-How her pause, rest, and her yoga practice brought out the writer in her

-Octavia talks about how much journaling in her practice lead to her first book

-Why we need to claim who we are

-How writing a book can make yoga more accessible

-Why rest is so important

“Who am I when I’m doing nothing?”

-Our relationship to a lack of rest and it’s effect on how we engage with others

-How capitalism drives our relationship to hyper productivity

-Resting in community

-The “shame” in rest and how to get past that 

-Finding time to rest

-What is productivity?

-Slowing down as a path to rest

-Realizing your needs and wants

-Pausing in the midst of chaos

-Challenges that BIPOC individuals face regarding rest

-Reclaiming your right to rest

-Normalizing rest

-Getting people to hear your no

-Why we all have to collectively set boundaries

-Octavia’s favorite practices for restoration


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