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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jul 6, 2022

Our spine is the center line of our body but many of us take for granted this amazing structure by holding on to tension in the body, missing out on the spiritual and yogic relationship of the spine, and clinging to outdated cues and teachings around core strength.


In this episode, Yoga Therapist and Educator Kaya Mindlin joins us to challenge old ideas around the spine and show us how the softer side of yoga can truly make us strong.


Kaya has been sharing yogic teaching and practice for 21 years. With thousands of hours of tutelage with masters in the full spectrum of the yoga tradition she seamlessly threads the mystical with the practical in her yoga teachings and practice programs. Her Supreme Release Yoga approach works directly & gently with the spine as the central axis of health and as the subtle conduit of spiritual awakening; and is rooted in the tantric viewpoint that the body and life itself is the vehicle for spiritual revelation.



-Kaya’s spine story

-How to know if spinal tension is holding you together and what to do about it

-Hypermobility and instability

-Core strength vs core tension

-Understanding muscular elasticity and it’s relationship to strength

-Looking at the center line of the body holistically

-Moving away from the desire to “fix” pain

-Noting how the body feels without pain

-Why we hold on to pain patterns

-How the yoga world can do better 

-Why we should question cues and teachings that we may be falling back on

-Differences in anatomy and why the skeleton model might not be the best for teaching anatomy

-What yoga reveals about the spine (Kaya shares a quote from yoga texts)

-Why the work is ongoing and why you have to keep at it

-How stopping resistance gives space for release

-Why the spine is meant to hold us up

-Patanjali’s relevance to the spine

-Kundalini rising signs and symptoms and why the spine needs to be unobstructed

-Some practices that Kaya likes for softening the spine


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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.