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The Yoga Pro Podcast

May 24, 2023

In person yoga is back to stay but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the vast online market.


In this episode, Amanda Kingsmith joins us to share the advantages of having an online presence and some tips for doing it successfully.


Amanda Kingsmith is an RYT500, a yoga business coach, the host and founder of Mastering the Business of Yoga (M.B.Om), the MBOM podcast and is a world traveler. She blends her background in business with her love of yoga help yoga teachers create careers that they are passionate about and that are sustainable. Amanda is also the co-host of The World Wanderers, a podcast on travel and travel as a lifestyle.



-Amanda’s first yoga experience

-Common threads in yoga stories

-Why she chose to help yoga pros with their businesses

-How she uses her podcast to learn from others and build her business

-The fast-changing world of social media and online marketing

-Why you might want to still show up online to build a bigger community

-The financial advantages of an online business

-Living the dream with a remote business

-What you learn about your speech habits when you make and edit your own videos

-Why teaching yoga online can make it more accessible for certain populations

-How studios are using hybrid classes to get ahead

-What not to do if you are using a hybrid model for your classes

-Why it’s not too late to take your business online and how to find new clients

-How showing up in videos helps people get to know you

-Having a specific niche to build a worldwide community

-There is no such thing as an “all levels” yoga class

-Unpacking the fears of niching.

-Mistakes you might be making with your online business

-Why you should stop devaluing your online offerings

-What equipment you need to offer online yoga

-Why people will pay more for a boutique yoga experience

-Leaving perfectionism behind so you can get out there if you want to

-Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s experienced product



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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.