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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Oct 5, 2022

Research has shown yoga to be an effective adjunct treatment for those suffering cancer as a way to alleviate suffering.


In this episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast, Maryam Ovissi joins us to share her experience as a yoga therapist who works in oncology and how it makes a difference in people’s lives.  She talks about environmental and lifestyle factors, what the research says and so much more.


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Maryam is a C-IAYT and E-RYT 500 and owner of Beloved Yoga in Reston, Virginia where she is a teacher and teacher trainer offering 200 and 300 hour trainings.  She has been working with individuals on the journey with cancer for over 15 years and she offers bedside yoga therapy at INOVA/Life with Cancer



-Maryam’s first experience with yoga

-Practicing yoga in an open and clean space

-Her first private client experience and what she learned about cancer

-Maryam shares some cancer statistics

-How environment and lifestyle contribute to cancer risks

-The connection between inflammation and cancer

-What the research says about yoga for cancer care

-How yoga increases quality of life for those suffering from cancer

-The importance of sangha in care for cancer

-Trauma around the cancer diagnosis

-Why you should look for therapists and doctors who look at cancer healing holistically

-Yoga as a means of alleviating suffering

-Polyvagal theory as it pertains to cancer care and yoga

-The violence our body suffers in medical procedures and how we are responsible for the healing

-Offering bedside yoga in the hospital setting

-Why keeping it simple is key

-How powerful just holding space can be in cancer care

-Embodying the Yamas and Niyamas 

-Maryam talks about befriending the journey while battling cancer

-How you can offer yoga therapy in cancer care spaces



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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.