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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jul 7, 2021

The benefits of yoga are plentiful for those suffering from Covid 19, but are you confident in using them?  Dr. Ingrid Yang joins us to share best practices and what to avoid when working with clients who have Covid or long Covid.

She is a physician, yoga therapist, freelance writer and published author. She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and is the author of the books Adaptive Yoga and Hatha Yoga Asanas. Dr. Yang leads trainings and retreats all over the world, with a special focus on kinesthetic physiology and healing through breathwork, meditation and mind-body connection.


-How Ingrid found yoga

-Ingrid asks Pamela about her yoga journey

-Finding the layers of yoga

-Qualifications to work with people who have Covid or other disabilities

-Centering your clients

-Scope of practice

-Best breathwork practices for Covid 19

-Proning as an intervention

-Benefits of humming for Covid 19

-The importance of movement and which asanas are helpful

-Contraindications for patients with Covid 19

-Social disconnection and yoga to reconnect

-Why mindfulness might be more important than breathwork

-Sitting with your suffering

-The difference in treating Covid and Long Covid

-Why we must practice what we are teaching

-Ingrid previews her book Adaptive Yoga

Connect with Ingrid:

Books by Ingrid Yang (affiliate links)

Adaptive Yoga

Hatha Yoga Asanas

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Clubhouse and Greenroom:  @pamelacrane


Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.