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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

These last few years have been really hard on healthcare professionals so finding ways to share yoga with those on the front lines is crucial.

In this episode, Dr Rachel Beanland talks about what medical providers are most stressed about, why how we package our offerings matters, and how to bridge Eastern and Western medicine to help the providers and their patients.

Rachel is a public health doctor, holistic health coach, and yoga and meditation teacher who coaches women in medicine to create a mindful, sustainable lifestyle using evidence-based approaches to live a life they love.


-The challenge of self care for healthcare providers

-How Rachel found yoga 

-Bridging Eastern and Western practices

-What yoga pros need to remember when reaching out to medical providers to promote yoga as adjunct care

-Helping busy health professionals make space for yoga practice

-Rachel shares her favorite pranayama she shares with medical providers

-How yoga has helped her with her own work/life balance

-The biggest stressors for medical professionals

-Moral injury and medical professionals

-Rachel’s practice that she does to protect her energies

-Why how we package our offerings matters when targeting medical professionals

-The importance of speaking the language of medical providers, sharing credentials, and presenting evidence based practices

-Where you might find resistance from medical professionals when trying to incorporate yoga

-Discerning when to refer people out and when to take a client

-How yoga helped her through a traumatic experience

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