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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Mar 2, 2022

Lawyers face particular stressors that most of us don’t experience, but yoga can be a great way for them to find clarity and focus in a hectic and demanding profession.

Aman Costigan joins us on this episode to share how she tailors practices for this group of people and why niching is important. 

Aman is the founder and yoga teacher at Beyond Yoga for Lawyers as well as a partner at the law firm of Shores Jardine LLP. She shares yoga and mindfulness practices to promote relaxation, improve focus and be more present in daily life. The tools and techniques she teaches give lawyers a toolkit of coping mechanisms and help lawyers be less angry, less reactive and better listeners.


-How Aman found yoga

-Her inspiration for creating Yoga for Lawyers

-How she conquered her fears of niching for lawyers

-Stressors that lawyers generally face that others don’t

-Busting myths around who can do yoga and where they can do it

-Finding ways to slow down

-Aman’s favorite yoga practices for lawyers

-How she got her husband involved in her yoga teaching

-Benefits of yoga for lawyers

-Biggest challenges for getting lawyers to practice yoga

-Misconceptions lawyers may have about yoga

-The value of practicing in community with colleagues and peers

-Setting aside the concept of billable hours when justifying taking time to practice yoga


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