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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jul 13, 2022

Lupus and other autoimmune conditions are prevalent in our society, and yet they are called invisible diseases because you might not know someone is suffering from one unless they tell you.


As a yoga professional, it is important for us to have an understanding of what someone with one of these diagnoses might be going through so we can best serve them.


In this episode, Annmarie Sampson joins us to share her experience with Lupus and some things we need to be aware of as yoga facilitators.


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Anne Marie has served the Chicagoland health community for the past 38 years. She is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor and has nutrition and wellness coaching training. She currently coaches high school girls cross country and works with individual clients to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and social health.




-How Annemarie found yoga

-Getting her diagnosis of lupus

-Why you can’t always tell when someone has an autoimmune disease and how to deal with that as a yoga professional

-Scope of practice as a yoga pro 

-Keeping an open mind when working with a particular populations

-Why some people are hesitant to share information on intake

-Annemarie takes us through a value assessment

-How lupus affects different populations

-Why people suffering from autoimmune diseases need to move and how yoga pros should approach that

-Making yoga all about the exploration

-Removing affirmative language in yoga classes 

-What to avoid for people suffering from autoimmune conditions

-Dealing with judgement of yourself and from others working in this space with autoimmune disease

-Why Annemarie generally isn’t vocal about her disease 

-Managing environmental toxins in the yoga classroom and beyond

-Why accessibility to (or lack of) healthy products and food is yoga

-The importance of understanding that everyone has some experience with inflammation




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