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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Aug 4, 2021

August is Mental Health month here at The Yoga Pro Podcast! 

In part one of our month-long series on Yoga for Mental Health, Christelle Chopard joins us to talk about Yoga for PTSD. 

She has three decades of experience in holistic life coaching, therapies, healing modalities, shamanism, yoga, and meditation. She is C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist offering classes, and continuing education courses as well as teacher training.

Be sure to tune in for the next three weeks as we explore Making Peace with Your Emotions, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, and Yoga Philosophy for Mental Health.


Yoga for PTSD (Part 1) Topics:

-Christelle’s yoga journey and what inspired her to teach

-What is trauma?

-How yoga can support those who have suffered trauma

-She talks about her favorite breathwork for anxiety

-Contraindications to consider for those with trauma

-How to work with clients who have dissociated from their body

-Christelle talks about the five elements

-Helping someone who has been triggered in a group class

-Using mudras for working with those who suffer from trauma

-Working with medical professionals

Connect with Christelle:

Yoga Teacher Training 

Connect with Pamela:

Free Q & A on Clubhouse:  @pamelacrane

Work with Pamela


Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.