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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Dec 30, 2020


Many women suffer debilitating pain, uncomfortable periods, low energy, traumatic birth experiences, and postpartum depression.  Jess Gruber joins us to share how yoga can be helpful in easing the suffering that might come in to play with reproductive wellness.

Jess is a certified yoga therapist, (C-IAYT) and has a Master of Science degree in Yoga Therapy. She specializes in reproductive wellness and is a lifelong learner who is always continuing her studies with leaders in the field.



[1:33] What inspired Jess to specialize in reproductive health

[4:13] Jess talks about periods and making the best of your menstruation

“Something I used to do and definitely still do is operate from this space of being nervous or fearful that I'm not going to have enough time; and just know that there's always time. It just doesn't have to happen today.”

[8:13] Jess explains the four phases of the menstrual cycle

[10:34] Managing your energy levels according to your menstrual phase

[11:46] The importance of getting in touch with your body and cycles for better prenatal, birth, and postnatal experiences

“When you have this deeper relationship with your body and this understanding of what the body is going through when you enter pregnancy, there's going to be a smoother transition mental health wise. And that I feel is crucial.”

[13:00] Jess asks Pamela about her birth experience

[14:14] Jess talks about her birth experience

[17:31] Jess talks about ways to address birth trauma

[18:22] Jess shares a beautiful short practice

[24:39] Safety in prenatal yoga for experienced and beginner practitioners

[30:47] The importance of perinatal mental healthcare

[33:02] Kelsey Kraemer (MS, C-IAYT) joins the conversation to talk about hormonal shifts and postpartum mental health/trauma

[34:26] Society’s role in helping women through postpartum depression

[35:58] How Jess and Kelsey use yoga to help women navigate mental health

“A lot of times when we experienced a trauma or some form of neglect during pregnancy or birth, or even those postpartum days, you know; if we can kind of cultivate that container for ourselves, then then a lot of good healing can be done.”

[37:38] Why the postpartum experience can last a lifetime

[40:23] Lasting body changes and acceptance

[41:14] Jess’ experience with being body shamed on Instagram

[44:03] Breath and pelvic health

[48:05] How posture affects your pelvic health

[51:16] Help for people suffering from PMDD, endometriosis, and other pain syndromes

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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.