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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Feb 17, 2021


Fear, shame, and limiting beliefs can show up in the root chakra, but the good news is there are practices to help you release that money shame and limiting beliefs for a more abundant mindset.  Alyssa Pfennig, C-IAYT, joins us today to share her insight and wisdom for releasing fear and shame through yoga.  She is the host of the Wild Wisdom Podcast and leads retreats across the globe, combining yoga, meditation and equine therapy.


[1:59] Alyssa’s Yoga Therapy Journey

[7:14] How she niched to specializing in root chakra and pelvic health

[12:36] Childhood traumas and the pelvic bowl

[15:50] Money shame, abundance mindset, limiting beliefs, and the root chakra

“You grow up thinking there's always lack. And when it's a mindset issue and it is tied to that feeling of not being safe and secure in your body energetically, because money is an energetic thing. And so, so sometimes that is passed down, held within our body.”

[25:43] The importance of gratitude practice

[29:27] Why a simple yoga practice is the most effective

[31:05] How fear and shame can show up in the body

“Whether it's actually reinforced on a verbal level or physical level or just held because of ancestral lineage stuff, we hold all of this in our body and especially in the pelvic bowl”

[35:09] The root chakra as the body’s foundation

[37:38] Intuition and the gut feeling

[41:10] How to tell if your root chakra is imbalanced

[42:48] Ayurveda, the doshas, and imbalances-which one is more likely to have root chakra imbalance

[45:44] Spiritual bypassing and why people who practice yoga still experience imbalance

[47:02] Differentiating practices to meet your needs

[48:41] Alyssa shares some of her favorite yoga tools for balancing the root chakra

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