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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

Marketing our business as a yoga professional can feel exhausting and frankly, kind of gross.  In this episode, Emily Grass joins us to share some heart centered tips for getting your business marketed authentically. 


Emily started teaching one to one yoga in 2018 after completing her yoga teacher training in Thailand. She was able to grow her business with private yoga & body work clients and was hosting sold out events by 2020.  During the pandemic, she had herself booked out with private online clients by June of 2020 and then started helping other yoga professionals struggling to market themselves with integrity and authenticity.



-Emily’s degree in marketing and why she thought she would never use it

-How a yoga philosophy class eventually inspired her to leave her degree and get a yoga teacher certification

-How yoga professionals can get past the resistance to market themselves

-Why we need to keep learning, but not let it be an excuse not to execute

-What she did right to sell out events in a short span of time

-Why market research is important and how to do it effectively

-How to turn fans into clients

-What the buyers journey looks like

-Addressing pain points from a space of service

-How to make your marketing simpler by addressing beliefs

-The yoga practice that has helped her the most in marketing her business

-The process for crafting the perfect offer

-Why writing your own market research and sales copy is important

-When you should hire help in your business

-Why buying ads before you get your messaging down isn’t effective

-How to change your mindset around making money

-Why finding a business friend for support is important

-The practice of writing to bring about clarity in your business


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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.