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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Finding the right Yoga Teacher Training can be a difficult process, but knowing what to look for in a quality program is key.  In today’s episode, Abiola Akanni shares her top 5 tips for finding the right teacher training for you.

Abiola cultivates inclusive wellness spaces that encourage communities to develop their personal yoga practice. She is the creator behind Yoga by Biola and founder of Iya, the online platform. Her inclusive mission encourages students to be who they are on and off the mat in order to embody non-performative living.


-Abiola’s yoga journey

-Abiola explains the term “non-performative yoga”

-Why normalizing non-performative yoga is important

-Internal challenges Abiola has experienced with developing a yoga teacher offering

-What is the “right” teacher training?

-Abiola’s five tips for finding the right teacher training

            -Lineage and history

            -Highly skilled facilitators and instructors

            -Diversity and inclusion

            -Trauma sensitive/informed/responsive


-What to do if you are in a program that isn’t the right fit

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Clubhouse and Greenroom:  @pamelacrane


Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.