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The Yoga Pro Podcast

May 4, 2022

Do you know your purpose in life?  That quintessential question can sometimes be daunting, even for yoga professionals.  

In this episode, Jennie Lee shares her insight into discovering your personal purpose, reasons we struggle with finding our purpose, and so much more!

Jennie is a Nautilus Book Award winning author of 3 books and she is a spiritual coach and certified yoga therapist who has counseled private clients for over 20 years.  She is passionate about sharing practices to help people reconnect to soul wisdom and live purposeful lives. Jennie also facilitates international wellness retreats and is a regular contributor to numerous national magazines and other yoga related books.


-Jennie’s yoga story

-How to incorporate yoga philosophy in group yoga classes

-The relationship between life coaching and yoga therapy

-Personal and universal dharma

-The discovery process of finding your personal purpose

-How Jennie leads clients through the journey to find purpose

-Detaching from identifying with our samskaras

-Why we struggle with finding our purpose and spirituality

-How to bring students who are struggling to relax into a state of relaxation 

-Refocusing when you lose track of your practices

-What it means to connect to source

-Why your spiritual awakening can be disorienting

-How yoga professionals can ease fears of those who are threatened by or see yoga as a religion

-The importance of knowing oneself as a spiritual being

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