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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Feb 17, 2023

Do you consider yourself a leader in the field of yoga?  What makes a good leader?  What is wrong and what is right in the yoga industrial complex?


Rebecca Sebastian joins us with some hard facts and gentle truths about how yoga professionals can build a yoga business while staying true to the ethics and values of the practice.


Rebecca owns Sunlight Yoga + Apothecary, hosts the podcast Working in Yoga, and mentors for Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. Also co-founder and board president of the nonprofit Quad Cities Yoga Foundation, she has a passion for supporting yoga professionals.



-How to stay true to the ethics and values of yoga while building a business

-Why your money mindset might be holding you back

-Getting past perfectionism and good girl syndrome

-Rebecca’s personal yoga journey

-The problem with the lack of business training in yoga teacher trainings

-Why you can’t “manifest your taxes”

-The business model of yoga teacher training and how it is hurting the profession

-Making yoga profession and not a hobby

-When Rebecca realized she was a leader in the profession

-Why you need to stand up and stand out

-The beauty of the people in the yoga industry

-Qualities that make a good leader

-Embracing all of the sides of the yoga ecosystem

-Getting past the need to always be right

-How to make yoga a viable profession with a livable wage

-Leading with your own internal value

-Getting past competitiveness and collaborating to help each other

-Why yoga professionals are so lonely

-The difference between being for the community and being of the community

-What we are doing right in the yoga industry


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