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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Oct 13, 2020

If you are a yoga professional looking for yoga information and help with skills to run your business.  This is your podcast!

The Yoga Pro Podcast is a hub of information from authorities in the yoga and movement worlds as well as entrepreneurial experts to share all things “yoga biz”.  We hear from leading yoga therapists, yoga teachers, movement practitioners, successful entrepreneurs and more.  

Pamela Crane (MS-Yoga Therapy, C-IAYT, E-RYT, RYT-500, YACEP) is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Actor and Dancer, and former Broadcast Journalist; and she loves having meaningful conversations around yoga practices, impacts on society, and entrepreneurship skills.  In her business, Interoceptive Performance, her passion includes helping yoga professionals learn evidence-based and scientifically supported research to augment their yoga training.

Every Wednesday we will delve into the topics you want to know about and share tons of usable knowledge to up-level your business.  We love diving into the science behind how yoga works and the practical skills you need to share these practices in a sustainable way.

Find out more about Pamela on her website or her Youtube channel. Connect with Pamela at or

Music:  "The State of Things (The Bouncy Song)" by Rena Wren is used with permission. Find her

Marketing: @madisoncranemarketing.