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The Yoga Pro Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

Suffering from hair loss can shake your confidence, but in this episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast, Sheridan Ruth shares with us how you can live without hair gracefully; and how yoga is an effective tool for gaining confidence.  She also discusses why yoga professionals should have accessibility and trauma informed training when interacting with those suffering hair loss.  Sheridan is a registered yoga teacher (200RYT) who supports women with hair loss to feel more self-acceptance, step into their true power, and radiate confidence at various stages of their journey.  She helps in transforming their hair loss experience into a self-empowering, spiritual journey through a deep understanding and constant study of the connection between mind and body.


-Sheridan shares her hair loss story.

-How bullying affected her quality of life

-Treatment for getting hair loss vs emotional support for those suffering from grief of losing their hair.

-She describes her first time in public (at a yoga class) without her wig.

-Why yoga teachers should not assume a person’s situation by the way they look.

-Sheridan talks about how she decided to start sharing yoga.

-The importance of the yamas and niyamas.

-She shares some hair loss facts and myths.

-How she uses yoga to empower those with hair loss issues.

-She talks about people downplaying her disease.

-The importance of embodiment.

- Sheridan’s final tips and advice for those suffering hair loss.


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